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Few sectors are subject to as many influences and fluctuations as residential development. Legislation, trends in fashion and a varied client base mean that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Modern methods of construction and off-site fabrication provide a new range of solutions for the residential sector. We have experience across the board and are able to offer advice and innovative solutions that may not initially be apparent. It’s vital to invest time at the beginning to understand what the successful project will deliver. Sitting down with a client and exploring their objectives and constraints is key and is often overlooked. If you aren’t familiar with building projects feel free to download our project checklist.

Typically we work on new build and refurbishment projects for owners and investors.

Projects come in a variety of different sizes but if we feel that we can’t help or add value we will say so and point you in the direction of someone that can help.

Residential Case Study

Dover Street, Southwell

Phased refurbishment and improvement of twelve terraced houses to increase values and realise higher rental incomes. Works included replacement and upgrades of roofs, external doors, and windows. Refresh of internal finishes and modern central heating. Protecting boundary rights to prevent encroachment by neighbouring properties.

Our Project Methodology

Initiation and launch

Understanding and agreeing the objectives, structure, constraints, and risks. What does success look like?

Concept and Design

Reflecting the work completed in Initiation & Launch.

Statutory Approvals

H&S, planning, building control, fire, licensing, landlord & tenant obligations.

Lessons Learned

What went well & what could be even better if...



Pricing and eventually instructing the works.

+12 Months

Additional works and snags dealt with effectively.


How and when the works will be completed. How and when the client will take occupation.


On site and building. Programme, costs, change control, statutory approval.