Agile, Nimble and Adaptable – Expert advice and a fresh approach.

The world of work is constantly evolving. Advances in technology and changes in attitudes mean that design and methods of delivery must be agile, nimble, and adaptable.

Across all sectors, clients have differing needs. Recent events have also shown that third party influences and external factors can have a dramatic effect on project delivery and outcomes.

Taking the time to understand these factors and building a team around a vision is the difference between success and failure.

Working with end users, owners, investors, the public and private sector, we focus on building teams to deliver projects up to £1.5m in value.

We have experience in delivering larger and smaller schemes. All too often smaller projects can throw up additional problems with less contingency and room for manoeuvre. Irrespective of the size or value of a project it is a serious undertaking and can be business critical. As such, the same level of commitment and professionalism is required across the board.

We can add most value when we are involved from an early stage. Asking the right questions earlier in the process can reduce abortive or unnecessary work further down the line.

Commercial Case Study

St Mary’s School Nottingham

Refurbishment of an existing building to provide open plan office areas, breakout, welfare, and cellular space. The client wanted the refurbishment to work with grain of the building and at the same time reflect their own identity and brand. Richardson Hall were instructed as Project Manager and Principal Designer.


• Landlord Works
• Tenant Fit Out
• Refurbishment
• New Build


• Landlord Works
• Tenant Fit Out
• Refurbishment
• New Build


• Permanent Structures
• Modular Structures
• Temporary Structures

Special Purpose

• Charities
• High Security
• Food & Drink Production
• Clean Technology

Our Project Methodology

Initiation and launch

Understanding and agreeing the objectives, structure, constraints, and risks. What does success look like?

Concept and Design

Reflecting the work completed in Initiation & Launch.

Statutory Approvals

H&S, planning, building control, fire, licensing, landlord & tenant obligations.

Lessons Learned

What went well & what could be even better if...



Pricing and eventually instructing the works.

+12 Months

Additional works and snags dealt with effectively.


How and when the works will be completed. How and when the client will take occupation.


On site and building. Programme, costs, change control, statutory approval.