About us

Richardson Hall draws on experience gained over 20 years working across the United Kingdom on both contractor and client side.

We have the breadth of experience and knowledge to match innovative working practises to projects and deliver them in a way that meets a client’s specific requirements. Experience across many sectors means that we have the ability to look at projects differently. Lessons learned in a high technology food production facility can be applied to an office fit out with positive and innovative results.

From the initial light bulb moment through to taking possession and realising a vision.

We can help clients navigate their way through the milestones to a successfully completed project. In all of our activities we strive to maintain an agile, nimble, and adaptable approach. We know that projects can change and that means our approach must also be agile to change. Understanding, monitoring and maintaining the client’s objectives and aims is at the heart of our philosophy and ensures our clients get a project delivered to their requirements.